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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Timeless Isle

Hi folks! Just to let everyone know that our Blog Azeroth Shared Topic Ideas are now bi-weekly, so for those who still like to join this 2 weeks of fun topic, Timeless isle brought to you by yourstruly deadline is on April 12. Please join us and share your thoughts!

As for my reply to this topic, I posted it on my other blog at AmerPriest Blog, I ttitled it "The Timeless Isle" So please visit my other blog as well, you are free to comment and subscribe! thank you so much!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#WoW30 Challenge for April 2014!

Well, Greetings adventurers! I just thought to share that there is another 30 days challenge going on around the community. I like to share that anyone can join the fun. This was originally posted at Tumblr by Meat Vendor's 30 days WoW Challenge a month ago. And anyone who did read this or saw it will be nice to share it to the community and its a really neat straight forward idea. The hashtag for Twitter as well is #WoW30 to acknowledge that. 

Month of April fits just about right since it only has 30days. So are you ready for another challenge folks? Starting today! C'mon and join us! Below are the categories for each day. Feel free to share and post the picture below for your reference, as for me I will be posting my response at my other blog at AmerPriest Blog, Please feel free to drop by there and share your thoughts as well. Thank you and Looking forward to read your response! Happy gaming! <3

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Leibster Awards You and I!

“For those of you who do not know what this Liebster thing is all about: The Liebster Award is a small token of appreciation given to bloggers for doing what they do best and also a way for bloggers to learn about other bloggers. We are all connected in the great circle of… blogging!”- via MrandMrsWoW

Surprise surprise! I love surprises, I know the Leibster Awards was going on lately around the blogging community and I was also curious about it. It's really a wonderful meme for everyone to join in but someone has to nominate you first then you nominate others, It still question me who really started the whole thing I know this awards probably been going on for years now. But the fact that someone nominated you and recognized you as a blogger that just validate your efforts that someone enjoys reading your blog and that they love sharing your thoughts with the community.

I personally like to thank Thela/Jstmel from MoMar Blog for the nomination! I really appreciate it, never knew someone would even nominate me, because I was away for a while and that includes my blogging been so late with updates, but after the break decided to be back and I guess that shows my dedication again that I can do this. So for those who doesn't know what this is all about Please read the Rules first! Note: Most rules applies with less than 1,000 followers to be nominated, I also read with less than 200 followers, I choose 200 because this way new bloggers will be recognized around the community. Please follow MoMar's Blog! =)

Okay so Jstmel asked these 11 questions for me to answer, here goes! I apologized in advance if this blog post seems to be so long, Also, for those who didn't know yet that I am actively blogging over at AmerPriest blog, I will post a logo of the award there to linked here as well. After answering the questions I will also share 11 random facts about Me, oh my!

  1. How did you get started playing WoW (World of Warcraft)?
    • I started playing World of Warcrft when my ex-bf introduced it to me, while him and his bestfriend started playing it. I was still playing Ragnarok Online at that time. Until I decided i should give it a try but I never register an account on my own yet, So I made a priest on my ex-bf account. It was during pre-bc so far I really liked it. And after a week I finally made and paid my own account. World of Warcraft was my first MMORPG.
  2. What other games were you playing when you discovered WoW?
    • I was playing AION, Rift and Forsaken World. These are also types of MMORPG. I didn't last playing with them and still brings me back to World of Warcraft. I guess because I have more friends in WoW and I realized that it's hard to also play two accounts, two mmorpg and two subscription every month. So i decided to stick with WoW.
  3.  Did you create your blog because of WoW or another reason?
    • Yes, I created my blog because of World of Warcraft. I began blogging back in Burning Crusade probably it was around year of 2006-2007 mid year. My first blog titled was Christine's Blog, then i renamed it, deleted the blog and I created Amerence Love WoW, and then I updated AmerPriest Blog. 
    • So I am managing two sites now. Blogging for everyone is source of an outlet to share thoughts about the game, your characters and other sort of things. You also get to meet bloggers and other players not just here in US but whole world and I loved that idea.  Also, being a Blog Azeroth Forums moderator helping the community as well, is an honor too.
  4. What is your least favorite zone and why?
    • The least favorite zone is Thousand Needles, I guess because after the Cataclysm expansion the aftermath was very devastating that the whole world of Azeroth was shaken and thousand needles didn't escape the wrath. It pretty much destroyed the whole zone and that now a days all you pretty much see mostly there is surrounded with just water. It's depressing really.
  5. What old raid/dungeon do you miss most and why?
    • The old raid and dungeon I really do miss is Karazhan located around Deadwind Pass area, that you can easily get there from Duskwood. Burning Crusade days was totally fun raiding there. I miss that zone, not to mention you can still go there to farm the Firey Darkhorse mount off from first boss. The place is still huge the fights are always fun. 
  6. If you could be a dungeon/raid boss, what would your tag lines (the things you would shout at players as they beat upon you) be?
    • If I could be a dungeon raid boss, I like to be a "Lady Dragonia". I always love dragon figures, or something about them just very legendary, epic, old and classic. Maybe one of my taglines will be "I am Lady Dragonia, one of the guardians of Azeroth, thou shall not speak unkindly to me" "My Fire breath will vanish your existence." "Behold, The power of Lady Dragonia, You adventurer will be punished!" - I don't know something like that haha.
  7. Do you recall your first feelings about WoW and what were they?
    • My First feelings about WoW was excitement and commitment I guess because without it I will not be playing this game for more than 8yrs now. Just tells you that despite some time off, I still keep coming back for more and able to accomplish things with dedication and commitement either to myself, to my previous and current guilds, to my friends. Excitement brings lots of positive attitude while playing the game and to have fun.
  8. What aggrivates you most about WoW as it is today and why?
    • I was just talking about this last month when I was still in PvP server. It aggrivates me when I wanted to quest peacefully and a horde is camping you and kills you. I understand the concept of the game but its really no fun anymore when someone tries to stop that from you, its wasting time to finish a quest because you can't barely moved on. This was why I moved all my 90's in PvE server now so I ddin't have to worry about it. 
  9. Horde or Alliance and why?
    • Always been an Alliance since i started playing the game. I guess because most of my friends are alliance and the reason why I never played a horde. Maybe someday I will play a Horde character see how things on that side as well. 
  10. What is your favorite movie and why?
    • This question seems so easy but it's actually hard as I watched so many movies lately, but the most recent one that i consider a favorite this year was "Frozen, The Walt Disney animated movie" - Why? Because Its a modernized animated film, not like the old classic fairy tale ending with prince charming and stuff, its about the Queen of the land and its people. Her suffering, her magical powers just the whole movie was fun, adventurous, and very entertaining. Not only that My current ring tone on my phone is the movie soundtrack "Let it go" but a musical like music box version of the song.
  11. What is your favorite song and why?
11 Random Facts about Me... here goes!

  1. I recently been driving a bike to get to work, no car at the moment. I guess it will also help me exercise get the fats burn lol. Biking is fun.
  2. I love to cook and bake from scratch and expirement, I guess I learned it from my grandparents and my parents. But I also love to eat any different cuisine. Chinese food is my favorite.
  3. My PC and Printer is in the living room with my VIZIO monitor, I love it because i can watch movies directly just using my internet and not to worry about paying a TV/Cable services. and I play games with the widest screen ever.
  4. Im asian, I am filipino I was born in Philippines But I am an American Citizen.
  5. I have long, black, thick hair.
  6. I speak Tagalog, Cebuano, Waray, English and little bit of Spanish. I want to learn how to speak Korean and Japanese.
  7. I have a huge doggie bear as I call it, with some kitty, and other stuff toys in my bed and I hug them when I sleep.
  8. I love anime, I also read Manga books (Japanese novels).
  9. I love to Dance, was a former member of a dance troupe at my alma mater University School for 12 years during my Grade school, High school and College. I also love Karaoke! I think I can sing well enough maybe lol and I can also play a little bit of guitar and other folk instruments.
  10. I joined Beauty pageants before and My mom was my biggest supporter for all of that. I was titled "Miss Intramurals '97" I was also chosen to represent Biology Department in College back in 2001 i think forgot the exact year But I won the title of "Miss Talent". My last prestigious pageant was representing the whole City of where I grow up in Cebu City back home as region 7 on "Miss Philippines" and "Miss Cebu Tourism" but I was still so young that the age needed to be 18yrs-23yrs old. and I was about a month to turn to 18 but they advice me to back out or I will get disqualified if I continue. I still have all my sash that I kept and pictures never regret it at all, It was a fun experience.
  11. Weird but I always remember all my dreams all the time.
I Nominate these 11 Bloggers + 1 Bonus please...

  1. Kamalia at Kamalia et Alia
  2. Matty of Sugar and Blood  @Mataoka
  3. Syrco of Syrco Owl  @Syrcorax
  4. Saga of Spellbound  @SpellboundSaga
  5. Kurn of Kurn's Corner  @kurnmogh
  6. Big of Big Bear Butt  @bigbearbutt
  7. Mia of Chronicles of Mia  @ChroniclesofMia
  8. Erinys of Harpy's Nest Blog  @ErinysVictoria
  9. Rades of Orcish Army Wife  @_Rades
  10. Angelya of Revive and Rejuvinate  @_Angelya
  11. Chatmay - The WoW Debutante  @Chatters15
  12. Shoryl of Tiny WoW Guild  @Shoyrl_mn
I was gonna nominate JD Kenada, Dragonray, Ancient, Navimie, Cymre, Wowstorylines and many more but these peeps are already been nominated! dang it... lol I made 12 nominees anyway, just in case others been nominated already then I will still have more than 5 bloggers in the list. These folks! follow them in twitter as well! they are great bloggers.

11 Questions to my Nominees...

  1. When did you start blogging , What it's all about and why?
  2. Post your most favorite Screenshot of all time!
  3. Favorite city in WoW you hang out to and why?
  4. Do you play other games besides WoW? Any console you using besides your PC?
  5. What's your favorite Trasmog gear?
  6. How many WoW characters in game do you have? Do you equally play them a lot?
  7. What's your current achievement score? Whats the most favorite one and why?
  8. What was the most memorable experience since you started playing WoW?
  9. How many total deaths of critters do you currently have? What are your thoughts about these creatures since they can battle now with your own Pet collections too.
  10. First word comes in mind when you think about WoW and why?
  11. Warlords of Draenor is coming up soon, its the new expansion everyone is talking about, What are your expectations and why?
Blah, These are just random questions i thought about.. Sorry if some maybe difficult or maybe not.. It's actually really common questions. But Im sure you'll be able to answer all of them! Looking forward to read your response guys! Thanks again JstMel for nominating me! Happy Blogging everyone! and as always Happy gaming as well.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Questing with your alts!

HI guys, First of the shared topic ideas are now bi-weekly. We wanted to share the topics more to bloggers who like to share there thoughts as 1 week seems to be too short. So we like to invite bloggers out there to participate and have fun! You can also share any idea for us to talk about. 

From week March 15-28, was contributed by Dragonray of Azerothian Life its all about "Questing with your alts" more info check out @blog azeroth forums. a few bloggers already shared there thoughts. Tomorrow is the deadline so what are you waiting for? join us!

For me, Questing with my alt toons are fun. not only that you benefit from knowing what zones where to go make it a lot faster. And that using heirloom items as they are bind on account heirlooms makes the experience killing mobs far more useful than how i leveled my main toon back then. 

I enjoyed leveling my alt toons, from acquiring gears to finishing quest lines and getting achievements why not? This way you also able to learn how to play your class better. But you see, now a days are a lot different you can skip questing in one area just because how fast to acquire experience now a days its not even per level, per zone idea now. Not to mention, the new promo for boosting your character to level 90, and benefit from having your professions leveled up as well if you do boost at level 60.

But in my case, I leveled and quested with my Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, and working on shaman now. I dont count my monk as she was a boosted character but she has been leveling her professions though, because i ddint got her to level 60 to boosted her so the professions part didn't count so as the flight path. But i still enjoy playing my monk and that by leveling her profession i still benefit from getting the flight paths, learning her skills and all that.

I recently did introduced all my 5 level 90s that Im proud of over at my other blog in Amerpriest blog. As that will give you an idea how they are. I know sometimes its hard to quest with alt toons, sometimes you don't even know which one first. But lately, I have been focusing on my main toon, but secondly my DK as I really enjoyed her as a Frost spec. 

Questing with alt toons is like never ending if you really wanna know that. because you still catching up. One toon after one toon. you quest dailies, weeklies, normal quests from zones you didn't finish, rep grinding, But for anything just enjoy what you do and you'll be fine. Have fun like always! treat your characters like each one of them are like your main toons. Timeless isle seems to be the great place for alt toons to pick up equivalent of tier 14 gears out there so take advantage as gears you pick up are Bind on account as well.

Anyway, That's all folks. Please enjoy playing the game! Don't forget to join our bi-weekly shared topic ideas... For next week we will talk about Timeless isle idea by yourstruly. See you then! and Good luck questing with your alts!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: My Most Memorable Boss Kill

Hi guys, this shared topic idea was brought to you by dragonray of Azerothian Life, it seems like its been back and forth between me and her sharing topics every week lately, Please I do encourage all bloggers out there to join and share any topics you think we can discuss around the community, just please go to Blog Azeroth Forums for more info

Anyway, this week's topic is about most memorable boss kill. I was going through some of my old boss kill videos i made back in 2009 during ToGC raids with FACTION CHAMPIONS in 25 man Normal Mode. It was fun times. I was with Eternal Sacrifice guild then in Khaz Modan server when we killed these bosses. It was memorable because not only i was able to catch the videos of these fights, I was able to do it with guild that I had fun with. 

This fight was very memorable not only that we had to fight 4 bosses, all of us was running around the room, I was playing my priest here as discipline spec. my job was to dispell, bubbles, and heals as well. as you can see in this video. All bosses are and players also running around but with symbols on bosses head we know who to kill first, Tanks and healers really did a great job and so as the dpsers.. Hope you guys will enjoy watching it. I really had fun times with my guild when we killed it. This expansion was great and we always looking forward to raid because the arena and killing of these bosses was kinda hard but challenging because its a close encounter in a closed space.

Anyway, Hope you can still catch up on joining this week shared topic idea by dragonray. Please refer links posted above for more information. Tomorrow is the last day for this week's topic idea. Thanks again for dropping by! as always Happy gaming everyone! catch me on twitter as well @amerpriest.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Throwback Expansion

Hi guys just thought to announce that this week its shared topic idea was from yourstruly it's all about Throwback expansion from Feb 22-28. I asked,

I know we heard the word "Throwback" many times around the net, but as part of World of Warcraft expansions. I want to know what is the best expansion in game that really highlights a lot of your accomplishments in game especially that the new upcoming expansion is coming its nice to look back it could be the one when you started playing with your main character, getting a cool mount, being in a great guild, or your very first screenshot in game if you still have it or being in PvP battlegrounds or Arenas, even your raiding experiences back in BC or PRE-BC, Cataclysm, etc. You can be creative how you want to do this it could be storyline, poem, screenshots up to you it is pretty much a throwback experiences you can share to everyone.

To be honest this topic for me was quiet a challenge and a lot to think about even though I know it was my idea lol because i had so much fond memories of my past expansions with my guild, raiding experience, and just about everything and the expansion that really brought a lot of really really fun times with my friends in game that i play with was during Burning Crusade.

I don't even know where to start, okay when I first started pre-bc (actually about a month before the Burning Crusade came out) since it was my ex-bf who introduced me to World of Warcraft i got hooked right there right then. World of Warcraft was my first MMORPG. 

Burning Crusade was a fun expansion i remember from Karazhan raids, SSC, to TK, Zul'aman, Black Temple, Gruul's lair raids that I've been to. I even managed to raid lead then and decided i want to create a guild on my own and <Death Threat> guild was born. I made it with members of players that I mostly played with and enjoy raiding with them. Every other two weeks I always conduct guild meetings just to talk about the status of the guild, what content to raid, etc. and when we do this event we take screenshots with our guild tabards on (This is one thing i missed being in a guild back then) because now a days, you rarely see players being in a guild wearing a guild tabard. 

We run around Ironforge, walking slowly riding our mounts and around and then some players start to follow and it was a chain that was one fun memory i will never forget till this day. I miss my guild very much. Though you might think we are all just having fun no we don't. We raided we were serious we killed a few and even tried to ranked the guild top 10-25 on 10 mans and 25mans. I also managed to lead raids outside of the guild for casual every weekends so other players can get a chance to loot some great items as well or out alts for that matter.

I also remember leveling in Outlands it was quiet a challenge back then to especially when raiding where you have to farm your mats for potions to use for raids, from cooking food and providing enough for your raiders as well. There was exactly ups and downs during the BC expansion but it was all worth it because raiders become more into putting there A-Game on, the raiding experience to being needing to learn the concepts and mechanics of the fights.

Being a priest is not just being a priest then you really focus and learn how to play your role in game and with that I carry that knowledge to this day. I learned a lot from my previous guilds in BC days. BC raids and instances was actually far the most kills i did compare to the other expansions, it was the most successful raids i did with my priest. 

Burning crusade was also the only expansion to have (9 different raid instances to go to) guilds were all busy at that time but it was fun. I am proud to be able to start playing around this expansion, i gain a lot of friends and this was also the time i started blogging as well. So much screen shots that I lost most of it. But if you care to look at my gallery some are there but one of this days i will compile all my screenshots and show it to you via youtube. 

I am proud to say i had mostly completed the raids of achievements during the expansion. I also able to grind all my reputation to exalted, this was the time that being exalted on any faction its beneficial to your characters from gaining gears and more. I never really acquired any legendary items at this time but it was all good. from acquiring mounts had to do a lot of daily quests and also farming mats but did that with my priest and no regrets at all. 

I had fond memories with other expansions as well especially the lich king, and cataclysm. This time I was having trouble staying in current guild so I was pretty much guild hopping and server change, but I was able to gain a lot of friends then. I had the chance to raid with top 5 guilds and the applications and qualifications was tough and the questions are really intense to really interview you how you play your character and how you optimize your stats and all that. But despite of it all, I still manage to have fun because I don't want to get too stressed out in game as that is the main reason why i want to play the game as my outlet and past time of my real life stress. 

Here is a video i made for my previous guild Simplicity of our boss kills I was also the one who edited the screenshots during Cataclysm expansion. I have a lot of screenshot from Wrath and Cataclysm expansion but I will compile that first because it's a lot. I also have a few raiding videos in youtube if you want to check it out from my previous expansions like ToGC raids and PvP bosses.

Anyway, I think i had said enough lol or its not always enough because these events are just a throwback expansion there's more to come especially a new expansion is coming World of Draenor. So far I love the Pandaria expansion, I was able to level my alt characters with the super fast leveling experience is crazy now a days, So yea im taking advantage of that. 

In my opinion, past expansions maybe just a gateway for other plyaers to be able to play the current content, but for many of us who started playing since the beginning of the creation of World of Warcraft it really makes a lot of difference, because we gained a lot of knowledge in how to play our characters, to expand our knowledge to learn the mechanics of the game especially in raids, be wiser on using the auction houses and able to gain and obtain loots and farm mats. 

Most importantly we build friendship through all these years, from guild you stayed with for longest time, making a lot of fond memories, and enjoying playing the game everyday. For me sometimes i don't just play this game but i also take it seriously like an extension of my life because it has been a part of me now. I may had quit and took  a break but I came back. Just remember to limit and moderate your time wisely on playing the game.

Thank you guys for reading or just dropping by my blog. Happy gaming as always! =)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shared Topic Idea: Background Music

Hi guys, this week shared topic idea over at Blog Azeroth forums is hosted by yourstruly, I just thought to share this topic for all WoW players out there. Anybody can join and post there opinions about it. The shared topic is schedule for February 8-14th of this year. So here's what I asked for everyone.

"I know that the World of Warcraft game has its own music to play either we are in the caverns, the city, battllegrounds even in raids or pretty much anywhere. The background music loops and plays wherever you go.. but I know some of you prefer to mute and listen to your own music while playing the game.. 

So, I want to know what World of Warcraft Music Background you choose to hear or your own flavor of music while playing the game. Please share this however you like it could be your own composition of songs, a youtube machinima musics related to World of warcraft, any song or videos, this is a fun topic to share because I know you are also curious as I am to know what background music WoW players around the globe listens to besides the default one or even radio stations you listen to. Feb.14 is also the hearts day maybe you plan of listening some love songs who knows! lol"

Anyway, I am looking forward to what you can share about this topic this week till hearts day. As for me What I always listen to when I am playing the game is my Pandora channel. From different genre of songs from R&B, to Love songs, to Hip Hop, dance, classic rock, ballad, reggae, remix, techno, dubstep instrumental anything. I know this topic is very easy so I will also post a video from youtube about some random. remix and medley songs i love to hear while playing the game especially when Im questing or just simply exploring.

And also I've been listening to this interesting theme of music below I really like it!

So I can't wait what you guys like to share in terms of music while playing World of Warcraft, I know that WoW has a default loop music from everywhere you go but sometimes we need some varieties. of course if you listen to your own music make sure to silent the background music via system sounds in game. Anyway, Enjoy the video its a compilation of remix full music. Have a good day! =)

Bloggers who shared there views (Trackback Links)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#WoWscreenshotaday February of 2014 by Tycertank

Hi guys, guess what! another screenshot challenge going on around the community right now. I know February is a short month so less obligation and its really a great idea to post one screenshot a day per the categories listed here by Tycertank of Toonacious blog. Please refer to her blog for more information and check on other bloggers who participated too. Im looking forward to also see what other bloggers screenshot will be beside this site of mine I will also post in my other blog over at Amerpriest Blog so check me out there too! Thanks!

So what are you waiting for! Join us and post your great screenshots daily! Please don't forget to subscribe my feeds for latest updates and Like my facebook and you can reach me in twitter via @amerpriest Thanks!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shared topic: Mog the World in 80 days!

Hi guys, just thought to share this new interesting idea by Dragonray over at Azerothian Life.  also hosted by Blog Azeroth forums. Its all about transmogrification..and the title of this topic is
"Mog the World in 80 days! - "It is a celebration of independence!! Freedom even!!  For the next 12 weeks you will celebrate the National days of countries by transmogging an outfit which matches their flag colours!" -dragon
For details and overview of the event please click here. By the end of the event I believed every entry will be judge and could win some great prizes, So hurry and join in the fun! and you could be one of the lucky winners.
As much as I wanted to join in, Im very unfortunate that my in game client still cant download So no go for me, but im trying to fix it. Anyway, Please if you haven't already figured it out head over the links provided, and start transmogging! =)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Thoughts on Anime related to MMORPG

Hi guys, How' it going? I just thought to share what I've been up to lately which one of them was watching an anime during my past time. I love watching them, there's always a story and things I can learn from it which I always related to in playing World of Warcraft. I enjoy reading the manga novels as well. For all those who don't understand some of the terms i used here please read below;

  • Anime - Based on wikipedia, It's a japanese animated production usually featuring a hand-drawn or computer animation. The word is the abbreviated pronounciation of "animation in Japanese. where this term references all animation. Read more via link provided to learn more.
  • Manga - Based on wikipedia, are comics created in Japan or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long and conplex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. Read more via link provided to learn more.

Anyway, to start of I recently been watching LOG HORIZON "The story begins when 30, 000 Japanese gamers are trapped in the fantasy online game world Elder tale. What was once a sword-and sorcery world is not the real world. The main lead Shiroe attempts to survive with his old friend Naotsugu and the beautiful assassin Akatsuki."

In my opinion it actually scared and hit me, what if my whole life playing the game becomes in reality? Have you guys thought about it? or even just dreamed about it, that your main character becomes YOU in game. pretty much this is what the anime story is all about, Log Horizon is an on going series and I can't wait to watch the next episode. 

I love the main character here Shiroe, the strategist as they call him and a "Villian in glasses" also a half-alv, half-human character, he is also known as an archmage, a very powerful sorcerer as well. I also love his friends in this anime, especially the assassin really reminds me back when I was playing Ragnarok Online and one of my characters was an assassin like her. 

As the story goes on in every episode of this anime, I learned a lot from Shiroe and a lot of beginners as they call them "adventurers" in game it is important that we really have to learn our skills and spells in game, how we use them, why and what? example: As my main character is Priest which skills and spells do i use when we are in a party which is way more effective so it won't drain out my Mana points. things like this is pretty much also describe in this anime I was watching. 

I recommend you guys to watch the episodes it is really nice I follow and watch it via, I also recommend watching "Fairy Tail" its awesome series you can definitely learn a lot from this anime as well. though it is just a fantasy but so as playing the game, Still you learn a lot from it. there's team work being in just a group party and so as community efforts like having a guild and realized that those who stick with you and support your ideas really makes it worth having each other through ups and downs, friendships grows and alliance. 

There's actually more to it in each episode I don't want to post everything i know "spoiler alert" but instead take time maybe once you watch it share your views of what you think about the anime? Ill be glad to discuss and share my views as well with you guys. Thanks again for dropping by though this are just one of those random thoughts I share in my blog. but thought I entertained you and learned something from it. Have a blessed day!. Every now and then I will share some thoughts like this in my blog again. Don't forget to subscribe my blog! Thank you! =)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shared Topic: My Mountable Mounts

Hi guys, another week of shared topic idea brought to you by Blog azeroth Forums and Dragonray of Azerothian Life. Dragon surely brought a really fun topic this week for WoW bloggers out there to share there views on there favorites mounts in game. From grinding, collectibles, reputation mounts you name it. Since Burning crusade expansion pretty sure we have collected a lot and enjoy it very well especially now that mounts available are not only for 1 character in game but Bind on account depending on reputation points and achievement points. 

Anyway, Dragon asks us: One of the things I have noticed since my return is the huge amount of mounts available now through rep gains. I am still working on a couple, but it has made me wonder which mounts you guys are loving or hating :)
So what are your top 5 mounts - or just the ones you go to all the time because you like the way they ride? What are the ones you really dislike and can never bring yourself to use - does it rub against your collecting nature (if you have one) to buy all the mounts even though you know you will never use them?

So, My top 5 mounts are the following; I lost all my screenshots in game and have not captured all of them with my characters. but instead I am using Warcraft Mounts Gallery site. I was able to use and choose the mounts I loved to show them to you easily. 

My Very top Mount I loved since the beginning was the Kitty mount! who won't love the kitty mount? right! though I was a human, first mount we can grind was to get a pony but that didn't stop me so I grind my reputation to venture myself to the night elves realm including the Winterspring, I quest myself throughout the map. And finally I was so happy to get my kitty mount which was the Winterspring Frostbear, and then from any kitty mount i can get out of reputation i grind it. I just love the feeling that when you put effort to getting what you want and rewarded in the end such a great joy and enjoyed playing the game even more.

My Second best mount I love in game was during Icecrown raids... who won't love a dragon skeleton lol Anyway, the ice fire and all just makes look more terrifying.. well kinda but i love the color and its nice to acquire it during raids and gotten the achievement with guild sure was a great guild team effort for everyone to accomplish.

My Third best mount I love was the guild Lion Alliance Mount, it took me a while to acquire this because I've been switching to different realms and changed guilds and without the reputation with guild to exalted you can't acquire the mount then, but now for sure its so easy to get. but i still love this mount one of the best... i actually wish though it could fly too! but hey correct me if im wrong its been a while i forgot if i could really fly with it or not... but i doubt it still haha!

My fourth best mount I was able to acquire was the Tyrael's mount, I just love this mouth because of its wings, transparent, rainbow glow just mysterious to me and i admire it. its a reward for getting the Blizzard Annual pass. so it didn't became rare at all but its something that most players would like to have as well. besides this mount I include celestial steed and Winged Guardian in this fourth spot as well.

My fifth best mount I love was Heart of the aspects, who would not be in love with yellow golden dragon mount and can easily be bought in blizzard store of course I was not the only one who fell for it. I love this mount, pretty much anything that's a dragon mount, kitty, steed, glowy and skeleton mounts i love. so far I really don't have regrets having all of them from all of the mounts i have with each of my characters I know i can take long day to just post and talk about each of them since dragon asked only top 5 so there you go!

In conclusion, having all the mounts I collected I never regret having them, I use them when I want to, how I want to. I treat them like they are bind pets that I treasure in game like a best friend, not only help you transport from one area to another faster but you learn to know how to be patience and put effort in acquiring them and its a best feeling afterwards with all the hard work you've done especially grinding reputation and battles you fought with your guild mates or by yourself to acquire such collectible mounts. Hope you enjoyed this topic as much as I did. If you haven't still post your share on this idea. please visit links above for more information or visit blog azeroth forums. Thank you again for joining me this week. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shared Topic: Oaths

Hi Everyone, its been a while I have not post a shared topic for Blog azeroth since October of 2012, so pretty much its been more than a year. Anyway, this new shared topic idea was a great contribution by Mataoka of Sugar and Blood blog this shared topic started Jan 4, 2014 - January 10, 2014 if you haven't joined yet please visit and refer his topic through Blog Azeroth forums as well.

Here's what matty asks us: "What vows would your character say, intend, or break, and to what allegiance? Would it be to class/race/specialization, deity, or ruler? This is quite a challenging Blog Azeroth topic, however, I know you are all up to it because you are amazing writers."

I am not the greatest writer or blogger here, But I share my thoughts of mine to entertain my readers as much as I can, I may not have all the best ideas as well and what I can contribute in these shared topics will hopefully still be worth reading. I apologized in advance if my English is little off or wrong grammar and I also quit the game for a while now so I am just sharing my past experiences since I did play the game since pre-bc till pandaren expansion. I will be sharing my vows of my priest as she is the main character of mine in game.

Anyway, The vows, or what had my characters said in game has brought a lot of realization of how my character portraits, there purpose and how they handle their strength, there flexibility in game. They may not be the rulers of this world, but they are servants of there own faith. and I value each of there abilities to protect there fellow characters in game either any allegiance they may have. The quotes I am sharing as a holy priest was a broken quotes from the game itself but I managed to put them as vow to share what her purpose is. and the shadow priest vow I just made it up myself. So hopefully these are okay. Please don't hesitate to comment... Here goes!

Holy Priest
"I come to cleanse this land. Of course, I am your servant. And by the power of the light, begone! spawn of darkness. There is peace and serenity within the light. I have been choosen by the big metal hand in the sky. Is my aid required? Is someone injured? I am a holy priest that is my duty and purpose to serve the legion in this world. If you die my friend, I will resurrect you and live peacefully."

Shadow Priest
"The shadow dark form is my friend, I am still a priest to help cure the curse of this land. I will fight beside you my friend, the damage of my darkest spells can harm anyone who I encounter, I am here to protect, to serve a purpose and despite in the midst of war though i may not be the best healer but I am an ally to make a way to help and heal you and try to save anyone who i see suffering. I believed in my own strength and flexibility in battles and I can be a great service anywhere in this world."